My name is Moa and I am an artist from Scandinavia with base in Stockholm.

I work with Textile art and -design, stage art, scenography, costumes , urban detail- art photography and anti-fashion.
I mainly work with textiles, but also bring other materials into my art-pieces. My main crafts are dyeing, screen printing, distressing and painting.

I have a Masters degree of Fine Arts and Craft from Konstfack university of arts in Stockholm, Sweden. And a bachelor in textile design, -handicraft and cultural communication, from UCC in Copenhagen.

My biggest inspiration is the inevitable downfall of the urban landscape, my passion is disintegration, disorder and destruction.

My artistic work is a tribute to the disintegration of built environments, and the chaos and disturbance that it brings into the idea of what city should look like. I find beauty in the flaws, in what is seen as ugly by he rules of aesthetics and romanticise the imperfections that we try to hide but are still there lurking in the background.

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